We started out as a part of Creekside Christian Academy. The same team below helps host tournaments for them. Southside Atlanta Chess Club was started in order to keep hosting tournaments when we all graduate. 

Who we are

This is our current leadership. We are always looking for more organizers so feel free to contact us

Zach Simmons

Chief TD, Founder

Zach Simmons is the founder of this chess club.

Zach is a graduate of Creekside Christian Academy and was the president of the chess club for his last two years of high school. He is currently attending the University of North Georgia and is pursuing a career in cybersecurity. He is involved with the school's chess program and is in the process of refining it. 

Gideon Prisk

Chief TD, Organizer

Gideon Prisk is the current chief TD of this chess club.

Gideon is currently a junior in high school and is attending Creekside Christian Academy. He is on the leadership team of the chess club there, and is the team leader of the A-Team. He is planning to also attend UNG after high school to pursue a career in cybersecurity. 

William Remick

Assistant TD

William Remick is the assistant TD of this chess club.

William has been playing chess for his entire life and is a great guy to be around. He recently received his local TD license and is always the go-to if there are any questions concerning rules, etiquette, procedures, or convention.

Addison Dillon

Online TD

Addison Dillon is the online organizer and TD of this chess club.

Addison is currently attending Georgia Institute of Technology and is pursuing a career in psychology. He began coming to our tournaments soon after they started and he has become an integral part of the club. He has always been interested in online games and has recently started working toward hosting rated tournaments online.